Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the treatment really new? If so why have others not thought of it before?

    • Yes and no. Both treatments have been around for a long time and are commonly used in commercial applications such as warehouses, wharfs, bridges, etc. However, combining the two treatments and bringing them into the residential realm are new. This combination treatment is what makes the treated concrete resilient to the extreme weather in Canada. On the question of why we are the first ones to do it one should note that most innovation hubs are located in places with nice weather! Rate of weathering damage has a significant correlation with the minimum temperature the concrete is exposed to. On a side note, our founder has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and understands the chemistry of concrete better than most of the people active in this area.

  1. If it is as good as you claim it to be how come it is not more commonplace?

    • Well, as we mentioned the concept is indeed new. Also, repeat business is the bread and butter of contractors and a permanent solution is not attractive to most contractors. So, we are hoping that even if others start picking up on our know-how there would not be much incentive for competition.

  1. What about Acrylic coating? Is this better than that?

    • Acrylic coating would last a maximum of two years and has to be re-applied. If you apply acrylic coating you need to make sure to re-apply it within the recommended life-time by the manufacturer or you may see cracks and spalling happening in some areas. The protection from our treatment, on the other hand, lasts for decades. However, there is one thing that acrylic coating can do that our treatment does not. If you are after the wet look of some of the acrylic coating, which some people like, and you don't mind having to redo it every two years our treatment cannot satisfy you. Please note that, you can apply acrylic coating on a treated concrete of ours but we cannot apply our treatment on a concrete already coated with acrylic.

  1. Epoxy coatings last a long time as well. Is your treatment better than epoxy?

    • Good epoxy if applied properly does last a long time. However, epoxy cannot be used outdoors because it breaks down when expose to UV light. UV resistant epoxies can handle some occasional sun-light but there is no epoxy out there that is intended for coating driveways. If you are coating your garage, epoxy is indeed a good choice but please do not try it on your driveway because it yellows and cracks in a very short time and what remains is not easy to remove.

  1. Can your company apply acrylic or epoxy coating as well?

    • Well we cannot say no to a potential client. But if you are looking for a professional to apply these kinds of coatings for you there are contractors with significantly more experience and knowledge who can do a better job than we can. We specialize in innovative durable treatments for various surfaces and would rather stick to what we know best.